Long-term Vision, Pregnancy and Positive Thinking!

I’m no expert… Afterall, this is my first pregnancy. However, I have definitely learned and experienced a few things in my 8.5 months thus far. Now I know all you old, new and seasoned moms (maybe even dads) are all sitting there chuckling and saying “she ain’t seen nothing yet” or “pfftt, this girl thinks THAT’s bad?!” But, this is my blog 🙂 (the smile makes sarcasm more polite I’ve been told).

Pregnancy. Hmmm, so before I became pregnant my view was definitely… different. I thought it would be all “wine & roses.” That it would be eat anything you want, feel like a million bucks and look awesome in the process. Not so much…

Try: tired, like sleep on your keyboard with total comfort; sick, like throwing up in a grocery bag in your car is a totally normal and acceptable procedure even though you are not 6 years old anymore. Crying becomes acceptable in situations where anger or strength once sufficed. Public outbursts directed at semi-innocent ladies for stealing a parking space are also acceptable. Food allergies and adversions dictate what you and everyone around you can eat; so although you may very well crave ice cream, pizza, pasta or chicken that’s just too bad unless you want to be sick. And at the end of the day when someone questions your day/actions you say “I’m pregnant, leave me alone.” And they do.

Now all you guys and gals who have no babies yet are probably scared. Sorry. But my point here is that the 9 months of pregnancy can easily be compared to our everyday LIFE. We commit to things everyday some things small, others bigger and more long-term. Much like pregnancy, the knowledge that its possible you will encounter unwanted experiences is known when you commit to things daily. What I have found funny (for lack of a better word) is that YOU know where you’re going when you make the decision in both situations. That is: you know you will have a beautiful baby that will complete your new family and make everything you went through easily forgotten; much like when you achieve a goal you have set, it will make all the struggles along the journey that much more worth it.

We all set goals, plan pregnancies and set out on new ventures regularly. We know there are going to be struggles, but during those struggles if we commit to a good attitude we will make it safely and happier to the “other side.”

The difference from an outside view in these situations is another “funny” thing. Family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances are all very encouraging while you are in the ups and downs of pregnancy. “Think of the why,” “It’s going to get better after the 1st trimester,” along with other encouraging words. BUT, where the disconnect in support begins is when you are running for a personal or business/career goal; YOU know the end result, just as you do in pregnancy, and so do they; but when things get tough this time, they instead say “what if things don’t line up for you, do you have a plan then?” or “are you sure its really worth it?” and “you seem to be out a lot”  And other “well-meant” words. They would never consider saying these types of things as you face the struggles of pregnancy though, would they?

“If you have a Plan B you have convinced your subconscious Plan A isn’t going to workout.”

This has got to be one of my favourite quotes. Choose your path, stick to it and with vision in your heart and a great attitude in your mind nothing will stop you!

Thank you for following my blog and I hope that my journey as I relate my new experiences to Life, Leadership and Relationships will inspire you, even in some small way.

Keep Dreaming,