Leadership & Intentional Parenting

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” – John C. Maxwell

Leadership truly embodies everything we do. You may hear some people say that they just weren’t cut out to be a leader. The thing is if you think way, you’re right! No one is born a leader. Some personality traits make leadership more desirable to some people (in their own personal opinions), but in actual fact leadership is learned. As a new mom, I will focus specifically on leadership as a parent. But please think and apply this to your own life; perhaps to your job, your business or your relationships. Its all the same information, just apply where necessary.

Becoming a parent is something we should not take so lightly. Today’s society is an all about “me” kind of world. Not great for children to come into and not great support for new parents; new parents who are overwhelmed and overtired at that! What I mean is that parents are told to calm down, relax, let kids be kids, etc., etc. No discipline, no manners, no responsibility, no good eating habits and no values. But don’t worry there is lots of brain-washing media and technology that will give you as a parent “the freedom you deserve”. Ha! I am almost entirely sure the definition of being a parent doesn’t allow for as much freedom as some parents take advantage of these days.

Leadership is tough. So is being a parent. Like everything, if you take a stand to do what is right you will be criticized. Afterall, you’re making the other parents (who have satellite TV as a babysitter) look bad! Before you can help another person (in this case your child) learn and grow you first must start with yourself. The best way to do this is through reading and listening to positive books and audios that encourage growth and also by associating with people who have “fruit on the tree” in the area you are seeking. Next, start implementing everything you are learning. A great book I would recommend to start with is Personality Plus. This book outlines the four different personality types. This will help you identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses as a parent and give you areas to begin working on. A better you means better leadership as a parent, which in turn means better, more respectful and mature child! If you don’t feel you are worth it, look the two steps ahead, because your child’s future counts on it!

 “Transformational Leadership influences people to think, speak, and act in such a way that it makes a positive
difference in their life and in the lives of others.” – John Maxwell

I feel this is very suitable when talking about parenting. A parent is essentially influencing their child to think, speak and act in ways that will positively impact their future growth. First, you have to want to make a difference in your child’s life. Second, you need to determine what kind of difference you want to make in your child’s life; not just a wish or desire, but something concrete that you can really work with. To change your child’s behaviour you have to start from the inside out. Therefore, you have to work on the values within them that are behind the behaviours you want in your child.

“When opportunity comes, its too late to prepare.” – John Wooden. 

There is no time like now to start preparing for the “terrible two’s” or those “dreaded teenage years” (labels given strictly by society). Two things will help in these situations. 1) Do prepare. Educate yourself on these stages of development. Seek advice from others who have gone through these stages with your desired results. 2) Have a positive attitude of expectancy. Give your child a chance. There is nothing that says EVERY two year old is terrible and EVERY teenager will wreak havoc on you. You get what you expect. Expect the best, afterall, that is what you want for your child isn’t it?!

Dream Big,