Home-Education as a Way of Life

Education and schools seem to be a relatively hot topic these days, from bullying, to constant ridicule for underfunding, along with many many other issues. Nothing can be taught without fear of someone being offended, or claiming discrimination. Teachers have no room to educate because they are not allowed to exert any form of discipline on children anymore. Religion is pulled out of schools, as its said that beliefs shouldn’t be forced on children, they should have the freedom to choose. I find it interesting (and sad) the views our society takes on many of these things. We wonder why society is declining into a population of young adults not taking responsibility for their lives, hmm… Could it be they don’t know any better? No one was allowed to teach them what they should have learned, and parents were too busy trying to earn enough money to support their “keep up with the Jones'” lifestyle.

Don’t take offence, we all try to make the best decision based on the knowledge we have today – that of which we learned yesterday – but are you happy with where that got you today (yesterday’s future)? No, me either. So that’s one good reason that my husband & I are choosing to I instill a love of learning in our children, we also plan to create two grown men that have strong morals, values and know how to handle themselves and whatever the world can throw at them. You guessed it…or perhaps you didn’t….we plan to homeschool 🙂

O doing his activity


Sure, some will have “opinions” that it isn’t what’s best, they will be socially awkward and whatever else they can think up. But I have stronger opinions that support educating our children at home, or out of the typical public school setting. My husband and I want our children to understand life, consequences and how to treat people as you would like to be treated. Have you stopped to really think lately…What values do you have? Are you passing them on to your children? Do they know and see you as a person of character, who would fight for what is right?

The specific type of education that’s right or works for one family can be totally unfunctionable (yup, I make up words too 😉 haha) for another. The most important part is that today’s parents do their research and make the BEST choice for their family and situation, that is goal-aligned for the future of the children.

Ultimately, we plan to be joyful and eclectic in our home education, creating a love of learning and God, along with a desire to strive for excellence in everything we do. I would love to hear about your eclectic parenting methods, send me an email!

{the Joyful Eclectic Mama}