3 Things to Help Plan Your Life

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail” – Winston Churchill

2016 is already one month in. This is about the time many New Years Resolutions get dropped due to lack of motivation and drive to continue. Although, yes, some people definitely do follow through on their resolutions – there is a large number who fall through. Having a plan for your life makes things more intentional, we can achieve more and keep our motivation higher. So I thought (in an effort to motivate myself to plan my own life too) I would share some planning techniques I’ve come across over the past few years.

One thing I love to do every new year is a Top 100 list – which is just simply a list of 100 things I want to do, buy, become, etc. I don’t limit myself to things I know I can afford/accomplish/achieve just this year, I like to stretch myself and write everything that comes to mind. You will be surprised how many of those things you will be able to check off throughout the year; which is incredibly motivating. Write your list. Write everything that comes to mind. If 100 is too intimidating make your list shorter. But just be sure to make a list that stretches you.

Buy a good planner. I like the planners that have a full month calendar and then the weeks broken down right after it. I like to be able to see the whole month, but also be able to write details like phone numbers or addresses of where the event/appointment takes place. Sure we all have our phones, but if you are anything like me its a little too easy to forget to enter things into your phone. Plus I like to be able to flick back through my calendar at the end of the year to see everything I have accomplished that year.

Take a small retreat. Rejuvenate your creativity. It could mean a night away somewhere quiet and inspirational or even just a couple hours alone for a walk in nature then sitting to think and let your inspiration flow out on to paper. Letting yourself refresh is not selfish (even if you have small children at home), it will give you a renewed energy to face life with. It is good for not only you, but your family, they get a renewed version of you.

Let’s start with these three things. The list alone can be very overwhelming at first. Check back for another post with continuing ideas for getting our lives planned out and becoming more intentional!